Schio believes that encouraging education and athletics builds a better country in every way! Therefore, since 1987, the company has invested in resources that help schools and institutions in the region, ensuring that many difficulties experienced in the area of education will be over come.

Promotion of Environmental Education

Students and Community

Since 2005, the Schio Company has had an agreement with the Municipal Government to foster the development of Environmental Education in Vacaria-RS. These actions, aimed at students and the local and regional community, are through Local Agenda 21 and several partners:

  • Environment, Education
    and Sustainability;
  • Clean Garbage;
  • PREVE - Plant life
    Recovery Project;
  • Future Births;
  • Disposal of Electronics;
  • Eye on Oil.
Sponsor of

Glória de Vacaria team

Sponsorship of Para-athelete

Jarbas Pereira de Souza Filho

National Ranking 2016

1st place - 10km | 2nd place - 5km

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